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As a worker both office workers or freelancers both need a special room to complete the work. If an office worker just does everything in the office, but no doubt sometimes they also take the job home. A freelancer certainly needs his own space to complete their work.
Having a comfortable workspace is certainly very helpful for someone to concentrate more, so that the work can be done well. No wonder at home they also need a special room to design their own workspace. To have a comfortable workspace we need to pay attention

Put the workspace
You may be comfortable with the living room but it will make it difficult for you to concentrate which can lead to incomplete work and can disturb other family members who need the room. So, you should make a special room for work.

Workspace must have good air circulation. It would be better if the room has openings and ventilation. If you need it, you can also set the AC and make sure the AC capacity is in accordance with the room size. Air circulation is important so that the room becomes comfortable for work. The necessary work equipment is a table and chairs. Books, laptops and more.

Work equipment
The size of work equipment must be adjusted to the size of the room. If the room is not too big, adjust the size of the table and chairs to be used. To maximize the function of workspace equipment, you can use your own designed furniture instead of buying ready-made furniture. Another way is to use multi-functional furniture, for example using a waiting chair that can be a storage medium.

Work equipment
Position to put work equipment influential in creating work comfort and circulation of people. Plan where the equipment will be placed so as not to disrupt people’s activities or circulation. In terms of comfort must also be considered. For example, by not putting the computer back to the window because it will dazzle when you look at the computer screen. The best position is the computer placed beside the window.